Why should I get a wedding video?

We have been in business since 2010.You put a lot into making your wedding day special. We help to capture the memories so that you can remember your event — in motion, as you lived it— for years to come. Videos and photos are the most precious keepsakes you’ll have from your wedding day.

How should I decide on a wedding video company?
Look at samples to see if you like the videographer’s style of videotaping, as well as their editing. There is a big difference between raw footage and video edited for the final DVD.  Make sure you get all of your needs met in terms of customization, such as which events are videotaped and from how many angles. A videographer that does not copyright their work means more freedom and flexibility for you to copy your DVD as needed.

Do you videotape events other than weddings?
Yes, we can film and create a customized DVD for any event that you would like! We have videotaped birthdays, graduations, baby luaus, and school plays. 

How long have you been in business?
We have been in business since 2010.

What will you wear on the day of the wedding?
We dress according to your preferences. Our default is black attire, to be unobtrusive. 

Do you videotape weddings in high definition?
Yes. We only use the latest high definition technology. Those are the only cameras we own.

Do you charge for travel?
We do not charge for travel anywhere on the Big Island. Transportation charges are necessary for the other islands.

What is your shooting style?
We aim to get the best shots with the least intrusion into the special moments of your day.

What is highlights DVD? What is the “raw” footage?
The highlights DVD is a compilation montage of all of the highlights of your wedding day put to music of your choice; it is approximately 15 minutes. The “raw”  footage is not edited and contains the natural sound from your day; it is basically everything we shoot on your wedding day.

Will I get a copy of the “raw”, unedited footage?
If you wish, you can get a copy of the “raw”  unedited footage that we shoot, for an additional charge.

Who picks out the music for my wedding highlights DVD?
You do. Or if you prefer, we can help with selections.

Will my DVDs come with navigational menus?
Your full wedding DVD will have chapter selections such as: rehearsal, ceremony, reception, etc. Your highlights DVD will not have navigational menus. 

How will my DVDs be packaged?
Your DVDs will come nicely packaged with customized cover and label, as if purchasing a movie from a Hollywood studio.

Will I get a copy of my entire ceremony?
Yes. You will get a DVD of your entire ceremony from start to finish. We use two cameras to give you complete coverage.

When will I receive my wedding DVDs?
After you have selected the songs you would like in your wedding highlights DVD, it takes about 10 days to receive your finished DVDs.

Will you use lights at the ceremony and reception?
We will not use lights at the ceremony. It would be too disruptive and take away from the sanctity of the event. Knowing how to use the ambient light available is where our experience really pays dividends. 

Will you interview my guests at the reception?
This is a personal choice and we will follow your wishes. 

Do you do wedding photography?
No, we strictly focus on one craft, videography. That’s why we’re so good at it! We do have photographers whom we work with, and we can put together a photography/videography package to fit your budget.

Do you need to talk with the photographer to coordinate things?
We have a history of getting along well with all wedding photographers. If we haven’t worked with your wedding photographer, we will contact your photographer via telephone before your wedding day to introduce ourselves, explain what to expect from us, and hear their plans for shooting your wedding day.

I would be happy to discuss your wedding plans in more detail. Call us at 808-756-2807.